Actions for Remunerative Demands

The CCDA implements actions that look to favour impoverished campesinos in Guatemala.

1. Access to Land:

This theme is one of the principal demands that comes from the grass roots of our organization; so the CCDA has defined diverse ways of accessing it.

For Example:

Negotiation for agricultural credit with the Land Fond, an institution that was created as a result of the Peace Accords.


By way of this tactic, the CCDA has obtained the following farms:

Don Pancho

Located in the department of Escuintla

55 families from San martin Jilotepeque, Chimaltenango benefiting

Currently Producing:

  • Basic food staples
  • Elotin for export

Plan on Producing:

  • Cattle
  • Dairy
  • Horticulture for export

El Cotochay

Located in the department of Sololá

50 families from San Tolimán benefiting.

Currently producing:

  • Basic food Staples like corn and beans
  • Anis, cilantro, fava beans for the local market

El Paraíso

International Solidarity supported us in the acquisition of the El Paraíso lands.

Located in the municipality of San Antonio Palopo, Solola

90 families from different communities in Sololá benefiting

Currently Producing:

  • Basic food staples
  • Horticulture

El Rosario

Located in the municipality of San Antonio Palopo, Sololá

96 families who had been laid off from the large plantation they worked on for generations benefiting.


Located in Godinez Sololá

44 families benefiting

Land for housing that was obtained by their own resources


Currently we are in the last phase of the negotiation process for the ‘Recompensa’ farm

Located in Patzun Chimaltenango

50 families benefiting

Currently under negotiation

San Lazaro for a group of 100 families from different communities from San Lucas Tolimán and Patulul Suchitepequez.

Panimache in Patzun

Chichoy alto

We also demand that the government implements forms of access through rental agreements and that they support campesinos with investment, productive infrastructure and technical assistance in commercialization.

2. Labour Rights:

We accompany various groups of campesinos or salaried employees whose legally established minimum wage has been cancelled, which we believe is unjust.

Unjustified layoffs have also occurred and we are asking for reinstatement of the workers or the complete payment of their wages.

3. We Demand

That the government implement a rural development policy based on the CCDA proposal.

Comité Campesino del Altiplano

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| | 502-804-9451 |

Leocadio Juracán | General Coordinator and Responsable for Comercialization