Café Justicia


Mayan Campesinos from the CCDA organized to protect their labour conditions and the quality of their coffee produce Café Justicia. They have worked for generations on the large plantations. They have only achieved their own land since 1998. For these families Coffee is their principal income source.


Café Justicia is grown on land recuperated by the CCDA, near Lake Atitlán in the highlands of central Guatemala.

Organic Coffee

Although it requires more labour, Café Justicia is grown organically.

  • Protects the producers and the consumers health
  • Protects the environment
  • Reduces the purchase of foreign products and financial dependence

The Environment

The efforts to conserve soil, diversify crops and use trees for shade preserves the slopes of the volcanoes from erosion.

It also improves the flavour of the coffee, preserves the biodiversity and guarantees the producers independence.

Shade trees provide shelter to migratory birds and provide fruit, wood, environmental equilibrium and oxygen.

4 traits of Café Justicia

Grown at a high altitude

Organically grown

A fair and transparent price

Producers organized and conscious of the advantages of organic agriculture

How to buy Café Justicia


Comité Campesino del Altiplano

| Colonia Santa Crúz Quixayá | San Lucas Tolimán, Sololá | Guatemala |

| | 502-804-9451 |

Leocadio Juracán | General Coordinator and Responsable for Comercialization