The Peace Accords and Rural Development

Leocadio Juracan is the representative of this program.

This program covers access to land and agrarian reform, labour rights, the Peace Accords and coffee sales.

This program also deals with the areas like the indigenous campesino response to the free trade agreements like Plan Puebla Panamá and CAFTA, among others. This program demands considerable work at the regional, departmental, national and international level.

This program works to improve the living conditions of indigenous and campesino families in the Guatemalan Altiplano.

Objectives for 2004

  • To improve the living conditions of indigenous and campesino families in the Guatemalan Highlands with access to land, rural development, and coffee production, processing and commercializing.
  • To provide financial assistance for small productive projects that promote deep change in the current economic and social conditions of campesinos.
Organizational Strenghthening

To promote the equality, solidarity and cooperation between directors and communities.

Pedro Chan and José Ajpuac Raxtún are the representatives of this program.

This program works towards organizing and strengthening CCDA communities so that they can access various regional and national programs.

Within this program the CCDA listens to the needs of each community and starts to support their actions like the search for land or a better price for their crops.


Through this program, the CCDA implements a new campesino organizational model that promotes the equality, solidarity and cooperation between coordinators and base communities, by way of medium and long-term self-sustainability, democratic participation and a legal constitution.

Objectives for 2004

  • To consolidate the organizational grass roots of the CCDA in the political and social spheres in the search for equality of rights and participation.

Basilia Díaz Cuj y Lesbia Maribel Morales Sicán are the representatives of this program and coordinate the Woman's Commission of the CCDA.

Women in 4 of the 7 departments of the CCDA meet to participate in workshops and training sessions on women's rights, the role of gender and self-esteem.

Strengthening women's participation at all levels of the organization serves to also strengthen the campesino family unity.

To promote the equality between genders with the intention of strengthening the efective and directive participation.

Objectives for 2004

  • To strengthen the women's program as a way to elevate the level of participation in the organizational aspects relative to gender, economics, organizational and social.
Cultural Situation

To promote the Mayan identity and culture.

Ignacio López is the representative of this program.

The idea of this program is to find ways to rescue the Mayan culture and maintain its customs and languages that come with the Mayan culture.

Within this program is the organic agriculture program as this form of cultivating is a large part of the Mayan culture.

Rodolfo Juracan is the coordinator of the organic certification program of the CCDA.

Objectives for 2004

  • To contribute in the active participation and development of the communities by way of knowledge and compliance with the Agreement on Identity and Rights of the Indigenous Communities by way of incidence and proposals.

Comité Campesino del Altiplano

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Leocadio Juracán | General Coordinator and Responsable for Comercialization